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these guys added a $2.50 charge for "extra oil added". My suv takes 5 1/2 quarts, and this charge is both dishonest and unethical. I will never go back there ever again, and I'm telling evrybody I know not to go there either.They added oil from a pump,, not from cans, so why the bogus charge?

They gave no reasonable expalination for the gouge- so avoid these pirates.

They also tried the tired add-on game: air filter at an exhorbitant charge.

If someone tries to cheat in little ways, I look at the larger ways they can also cheat me. Be warned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Valvoline Instant Oil Change Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Yeah as of now I am going against them in small claims court. they over charged me 400 for nothing claiming it was an accident even though the 400 was on the estimate which they told me was for the head gasket covers, then told me I needed a gasket fixed for 618.

But once my car came back on a tow truck they said the 400 was for nothing and gave me it back. my car it stalled out a week later. They told me they could fix it,they said it was.two rod bearings that needed replacing. I took a mechanic friend and he looks under my van and it appeared that nothing was touched.

when I said I was going to take it somewhere else for a different opinion ernest took my keys and said id be owing them thousands by court.

I tried reasoning with them and said id pau for them to fix the bearings, but now they say my engine is ceased and cannot be fixed. There is a lot of fishy ish going on there.


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I have two repair manuals that say my jeep oil capacity is 5 quarts they would charge for 6 quarts stating they put in 5 1/4 quarts so I asked that they give me my 3/4 quart I paid for to take with me. Said can't because its bulk.

Go figure. Last straw was tried charging me for 7 quarts full synthetic and it was the manager. It didn't happen gave him *%$#. Never been back.

Started changing my own oil again and 5 quarts fill filter and crankcase perfect. Scammers


Must be your first car buddy. All oil change places charge extra if you go beyond 5 quarts and that includes dealers and regualr maintenance shops.

It would be like going to the gas station and saying your mad cause they charged you per gallon of gas. Give me a break, and ya oil comes from a pump because you bought the cheap stuff not synthetic.

An shops like all other businesses get things cheaper when they buy in bulk. Next time you kick the dog when you wake up and thats not enough take it out on someone else besides the person working on your POS car.

Ripped Off By Valvoline

Based on Valvoline's reputation for ripping off consumers, I doubt they even put the oil in the car. They have a reputation of not replacing oil filters too.


price on the wall only covers 5 qts u paid 2.50 for the half qt learn to read n its only 2.50 dont be a jew

to bill #1086659

How about not being racist?

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