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Entered and requested the conventional oil change, oil filter change w/ their standard 5w30 oil previously used only Penzoil products. Customer care rep. asked if I would like to up-grade to another fluid ? No. Requested if I needed new wiper blades? No, I'm satisfied with them. Requested that I need a new serpentine belt due to the many cracks existing; I had a new belt installed within the past 18 months, and I would check w/ the dealer that installed it. They mentioned that my battery looked almost new (invoice stated that they did Not check the battery. The rep. showed me and recommended that I replace the air filter, I replyed that I would check at the dealership. The crew finished the oil change in less than 20 minutes and the rep. asked again whether they could replace the serpentine belt at this time. I replyed that it would be looked into soon.

This took place on Thursday afternoon approx. 3:30 pm. I drove approx. 17 miles and parked the car. After approx. 90 minutes I prepared to leave and my car studdered, wanted to shut down [simler to a car that used a manual choke I parked the auto at the restraunt and came out 1 hour later and the car started but would quit running fuel problem???

I let the car sit that night and returned the next morning and the same problem existed. The car would start up and quit when I engaged gear. Three hours later w/ a friend w/ auto experience, I needed a battery jump to get started!

My friend and I opened the hood and found the following:

!. splash guard cover for the oil filter not connected;

2. air cleaner not clipped shut, air in take not

connected to clamp;

3. battery fluid level dangerously low;

4. battery terminals crusted over;

I am not satisifeid with workman ship, I paid my

friend $30 after coming to my rescue, I spent 1 hour

at "Auto Zone" speaking w/ there customer rep. and

reviewing possible options as to just what the problem

was. That list was endless and expensive... I was looking

down the bore of a dirty .44;

I will never return to this establishment, You have lost a customer.

Review about: Valvoline Instant Oil Change Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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This doesn't surprise me...Ya know I look at this site and I see two things....

People complaining about the poor work this company performs, and kids who work for them doing personal attacks at the people that post negatively on here. Is this the type of people you want touching your car...

I think not...Seems to me this company cares more about paying uneducated people low pay instead of intelligent people what they are with.

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