I was a valvoline employee for over a year, and I feel it is my obligation to come clean about several things that I have personally seen over my time there... First off, of you are a Valvoline customer, make sure your vehicle actually needs the services they try to sell you... Read your owners manual, or if needed, contact your vehicles manufacturer.. this is a sales driven company, and they are required to maintain a 72 dollar average ticket(at least in the Memphis area). The basic oil change is only 39.99, so they "offer" additional services. If at any time you feel you have been pressured in any way, contact the number on the back of your invoice to complain because this is supposedly against company policy. I say supposedly because in my time with valvoline, I witnessed quite a bit of pressure sales with no action taken to correct it... In contrary these individuals were promoted because of their lack of ethics. After a year it became clear to me that this company cared less about customer service than the bottom line... Usually at the customer's expense.

The following were things that took place at the service center I worked at 050065 which is located in southaven, Mississippi. First of, on many occasions, the customer was given a different oil than they requested... Either because the oil was not in stock or to improve the look of the sale by using next-gen oil without asking the customer. They have used the wrong air filter, do not perform full flushes on trans or radiators.

These kids have been bullied and have had their jobs threatened to make sales to the point that they will do whatever they have to... Even if it means short changing the customer.

Also at that particular service center, multiple employees use marijuana on the clock so be sure to make sure everything is performed and done properly. I attempted to contact corporate about this, but of course this went nowhere, and the employee is still there.

Continue to use vioc if you like, I'm just saying be cautious because on several occasions they have refused to correct the issue or just fired someone usually not the one responsible. Best of luck to you

Product or Service Mentioned: Valvoline Instant Oil Change Oil Change.

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This is your location. My locatin average ticket is not important but rather nocr.

Also high pressure sales may happen at your former store but it will get you fired at mine and as a scm I can assure you that even if my asst were to do it he would be fired. So you obviously left for whatever reason but I'm guess that it wasn't with a two notice but rather you became pissed and quit or got fired.

Otherwise you wouldn't be posting about bs that you obviously had zero problems with for the year that you worked there. Though for some reason you do now right?

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1295892

I worked for this company for a few weeks back in 2013. I was hired as a CSR, went through the class but never knew my start date.

As soon as I was out of the class, I called and had to leave a message for the manager, who was someone up from another shop to fill in. Once I heard back, about a few hours later, I started my job a few days after that. I was not given a uniform, I had to wear my own clothing while the other newbie was given their uniform immediately.

I was doing the book reading and testing that they do for new hires but kept getting called up to learn to do oil changes instead of learning the CSR position first.

It was frustrating but I went along with it. The manager was a d*ck to me the entire time I was there and I tried my best to fit in but unfortunately I was not 'one of the guys'.

My hours kept getting shortened to the point I was only doing eight hours in a week but the other new higher was getting all the hours that I should have been.

Luckily we decided to move and I was able to quit to move on to bigger and better things.

to Ex-employee Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1295897

It was in Hesperia, CA, not Las Vegas as it appears.

Watervliet, New York, United States #1240729

Went to Glenville NY location, which I have been to before. After I got home my son had to fix the access panel for my oil filter behind my passenger side tire..while he was under there he noticed a huge rip in my CV joint/axle boot and grease all over the inside of my wheel well.

I called the location and asked if they noticed this when the were doing the oil change they stated they did but never told me about it. They have no problem trying to get me to purchase air filters or cabin filters but can't let me know of a ripped boot. I firmly believe that this was done while they worked on my car but will not own up to it, probably figured I wouldn't find out and now I have an added expense of having to replace my axle because the boot can't just be replaced. The grease is fresh and so is the rip in the boot.The only other response I got from the guy at the store was well we don't replace those here and you can continue driving the car until it starts making a popping sound then you would need to replace the axle..I spend a lot of time driving on the highway and that does not make me feel very safe.

Are they supposef to alert costomers if they see something.Spoke with a area manager today that stated they are not responsible and will not pay to fix axle. Who do I contact now..not letting this go.

to Anonymous #1303813

Every oil change is recorded by multiple cameras. Go to the store, speak to the manager, ask to see the footage if they refuse ask for the general manager, (trust me they don't want to call them in because the GM will find who is responsible auickly, and if you don't get anywhere then call corporate.

Don't give up! Good Luck!

to Anonymous Toledo, Ohio, United States #1353092

You are an ***! It's impossible to tear a boot changing an oil filter.

to Anonymous #1369577

Call 1800 fast change speak with customer care. If you have not already taken care of the issue. All our service centers have cameras topside of the vehicle and as of 2015 they were implementing cameras in the pit as well.

to Anonymous #1565866

Current employee, it’s physically impossible for your boot to have torn during your services at valvoline. We don’t service anything even remotely related or close to the boot. Sorry about your luck.

Andover, Massachusetts, United States #1202165

Snitch!! Lol

Southfield, Michigan, United States #1199927

A couple Valvolines in Michigan could give two *** about how great tour customer service is. They just want the money, you don't force it then they *** and threaten your job.

Taylors, South Carolina, United States #1135085

My name is Jason Daniels I work at Valvoline in Greenville SC on 29 and I know places do this but I know the owner of my Valvoline don't put up with any of his workers selling anything that they don't need and doing anything that was listed if any of his workers gets caught doing any of that they would be fired on the spot I have worked for many company's but Valvoline is the best and most honest company I have ever worked for the owners brother Shawn comes to my store all the time I have nothing but respect for him he comes and works just as hard as I do and he knows all of us by name and the have over 35 stores with anywhere from 6to 9 employees at each store so if you read everything bad know it's a franchise and not all Valvolines are that way and I can say for sure that the owner and his brother Shawn Valvolines don't do that they own every Valvoline in SC and NC





Overland Park, Kansas, United States #1089341

What city? Do you have a copy of the employee handbook? I need one.


Being a good sales person is all about "numbers". If you don't understand that then you are un-edjucated.

You have to be able to communicate with people and understand their needs and budget. Folks that come to Valvoline are typically not rich. If they were they would take their car back to the Range Rover dealer. Anywhere you go in the Automotive repair & maintenance business you will have honest or dishonest folks.

Sad, but true. It's about trust and needs anywhere you go. Don't blame the company! Of course they are trying to make profit!

Duh. If anyone is to blame it would be the crappy person who doesn't know how to communicate with the person who trusts them with their hard earned money.


Come on people, nobody is in this business to not make money. Do whats right!!!

If customers need it then sell it to them!! If not, then don't.

Easy cheesy. Be honest and if they need something they will come back to you.


I'm a service center manager at a Valvoline instant oil change and this is very upsetting to hear, we work in a small town and our customers are #1 and they love us. My store is franchised and privately owned, maybe its different for us.

We don't pressure sale at all, we don't work on commission. I hope this is a rare, isolated incident


Your an ***

Probably unemployed


Not to mention Tom Miller is the king of all backstabbing, vindictive, douchebags. He has his favorites, and if you aren't one of them, he will do everything to make your life miserable.

Mountain View, California, United States #939089

Sounds like you just happened to work at a valvoline shop filled with jerks. Valvoline withe never pressure you to buy extra stuff.

We care greatly about customer service. We even clean your windshield for you before you leave.

(We don't have to). We do things by the book because if we don't then we don't work at valvoline.

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