the didnt screw in my oil filter right and now i am stranded with no oil in my car. freaking grease monkey idiots.

Now I cant even get a rep to come out and fix my car.

its their fault they screwed up my car...which i drove for about 50 miles without realizing there was no oil...orit had all dripped out by the end of that 50 miles. either way...never go to valvoline, they really really suck. I will never, nor my friends go to this backwards place again at all.

no more valvoline. that is insane.

Monetary Loss: $5.

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This is worth more than any additive, or synthetic oil you can buy when it comes to protecting your engine.


about $2.00 and it will save your cars engine form neglegence every time.


I hope that they do shut down all the valvolines or better yet all quick lube shops, and when you cant get your oil changed or your waiting 4 hours at the dealership. Ya i worked for a dealership and let me tell you if you want a bad oil change go to a dealer cause you just waste the technicians time cause he only gets about 15 bucks for doin the work on your car and you tie up his bay that he could be making a 100 bucks with.

So next time you impatient ignorant customers are looking for a quick oil change and you cant find an instant oil change place think about that tech you talked to rudely or down too. Oh by the way i just graduated college and i may be your boss right now seen as i just got an executive job, hows that feel now i get to look down on you.

Ripped Off By Valvoline

Techs at Valvoline are about as smart as a bag of hammers. Greeters at Wal-Mart are smarter than the buffoons at VIOC. :(

to Ripped Off By Valvoline #1467230

If they're so stupid why are they the ones working on your car. U say you're smarter do the work yourself


If your oil filter wasnt tighten to the proper spec, or it was a double gasket your oil pump puts out enouph pressure to empty your oil pan in less than one mile. your low oil light or low oil pressure light and check engin light would have came on long befor you lost all your oil.

It does happon not to me anyways but all lube techs are humans not robots we "do" make mistakes. As for the part of extra sevices we reccomend services from what ever the vehicle stats tell us to reccomend them for, It is up to the customes to get it done, If not and your car breaks down no fault of ours..

to Lube tech #805177

Just wondering how mutch you make not to be mosey but I am interviewing for a job ther and just wondering


I recently had my car serviced at Valvoline. I reccommend that you keep it simple.

Go for the oil change, filter, and fluid refills. I had them rotate my tires, and I was driving @60 miles pr. hr, and my car started shaking, and I had the tires checked, and the back rean tire had a very prommenent bald tread. It should have been noticed, since it was rotated.

They do not supply tires, so noticing problems is not a priority. I also had an incident where the grease monkey forgot to add in my $10.00 coupon, did not cancel the first transaction, thus charging me twice. This is still under dispute. The "800"# is automated, and I left a voice mail, but no callback.

They were better when they were "Jiffy Lube"!!! :x


50 miles with no oil? A car cant go that far with no oil, it wulda seized up.

and while you sit there and call the employees at valvoline idiots, shuldn't you call yourself one for not knowing how to change your own oil? It's a simple process, sounds to me like you're one of them people who jus want sumtin free cuz you're cheap.


I work at a valvoline in NY and I deal with all types of customers 90% of you come in here acting like you are better than us and that we work for you. Just to set the record straight we don't, we work for valvoline!

Don't you think your excuse for not buying additional services has not been heard time and time again like "oh it's a lease" or "my son is a mechanic" (well if he was a good son or mechanic he would also change your oil) Just make our job easier by telling us I don't want additional services that way you can get your 15 minute or less oil change...... Some of you people are really funny when you show up and tell us your in a rush.

Don't you think we would work slower because those of us with common sense know we wouldn't come and get our oil changed when we have more important things to do on our honey do list....also whatever service you do buy non of that money goes into our pocket. We just get paid an hourly rate ($10.30)hr is my pay rate and I been here for a year :) Just to end this rant all I have to say is some people are dishonest and you will find that in any business but yet there are those of us who have been with this company for a while and never had a vehicle leave in worse shape then before it was serviced


the didnt screw in my oil filter right and now i am stranded with no oil in my car. freaking grease monkey idiots.

maybe they just didn't like you. i talk to fools like you all the time, and believe me, we tend to be able to smell your "i'm better than you because you change oil" attitude from a mile away.

oh, and i'd love to have a car that'll make it fifty miles without oil.


i took a turd from my butt and smeared it on my oil cap. when the wad-eater at the store on Brownsboro Rd gave me attitude I took his name down and then had sex with his wife. paybacks are ***.


I Love Valvoline. The guys there are so cute and they really know how to dance and put on a show while they work on cars.


YOUR A *** LIAR!!!!!!!!!


if they hadn't put your filter on right you would have known way before 50 miles. :x


50 miles? how did it last that long?

Do you work for a competitor? :?


You drove 50 miles with no oil. Highly unlikely.

Nice review.

Can you be more specific and disclose the location? :cry

Southborough, England, United Kingdom #24048

wat valvoline did you go to, like city and state?

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