Sundance, Wyoming

Three months ago I went to the Valvoline in Carbondale, IL for an oil change. They tried to sell me a new air filter. I said no. I wanted to keep mine.

Just now I tried to change my air filter, but couldn't. Why? My car had nothing to remove.

They stole my air filter!

So, now I have just ADDED an air filter to my car, but have been without for three months. I will be doing my own maintenance work from here on out, whenever possible, and certainly will not be going there.

They are polite. But that counts for Nothing.

Ideally good customer service is part and parcel. This isn't an ideal world. In exchange for honest work, I'll happily tolerate a *** over a cheat any day.

I won't tolerate dishonesty. No one else should either.

Product or Service Mentioned: Valvoline Instant Oil Change Oil Change.

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Rockville, Maryland, United States #901937

Ha.... what a douche bag..

^ i doubt someone stole an air filter.. I'd go back there and ask to review camera footage of that day and see if it was ever placed back in the car.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States #805942

Valvoline has procedures in which they follow and removing the air filter is one. Mistakenly someone may have forgotten to put it back in.

People are only human they will make mistakes and valvoline has procedures to mimimize them you were just unlucky ive been dealing with valvoline doing my oil changes for years and they have been great.they go through and check everything on your vehicle and ask you if you would like to replace anything that is bad,dirty or worn out .

Seriously no one is going to steal a dirty air filter.they only suggest replacement of old worn out and dirty maintance parts for peak fuel efficiency and safety for your vehicle you are not obligated to buy anything. But it is also your fault for not checking your vehicle for 3 mos if the air filter was bad you should of known it needed replaced and to keep an eye on it plus after anyone does work on your vehicle you should be looking over it for your satisfaction so all in all your claims are not legitamate its all due to a vehicle owner being a lil lazy in life.

to jr #875484

I agree with JR from Nashville, Tennessee. Even if you didn't check your air filter until the next oil change, as soon as you noticed that it was missing you should have gone to the Valvoline you last had the vehicle.

If they don't replace the air filter for free or even guarantee the oil change out for free you can call their corporate number 1800ASHLAND. Customer satisfaction is #1 at Valvoline!!!!!!

Ripped Off By Valvoline

Valvoline is the biggest bunch of crooks in the instant OC business. We should form a group that goes out on Saturdays and protests in front of their rip off centers. They're corporate own facilities are the worst.

to Ripped Off By Valvoline Nashville, Tennessee, United States #805943

If you think they are crooks its either A you cant afford it or B your an overly opinionated douche who gets easily offended in life and is saddened when things cant be your way so then you decide you want to protest because the lil whiner is a tool and needs a reason to *** and complain. No one is forcing you to go there. If its to expensive for you then do it yourself by all means next you will be crying because you dont want to do it get off the computer ,quit being lazy and get a life :cry


the worst oil change ever in the nation i ve been hanging oil 18 years never see somelike that

to sheriff #974568

I'm curious how you hang oil? Good explanation and punctuation.

Please don't put "sheriff" by anything written this way. You make all associated just look ***.

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