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I just quit my job today and here is why (these are merely a few things the Store Manager does... your going to wonder what else he could do.)


is disrespectful to workers, steals from the register, uses the wrong air filter, doesnt change the oil filter half the time, doesnt have the tires, wipers,fluids, or anything really checked, he doesnt care if the vehicle has recommendations or not he tries to sell anything and everything even if we dont have it in stock, and will use the wrong parts.

sells and does drugs in the facility, he is supposed to be a retired sherrif! that looks awesome! he does nothing but sit on his phone and play arcade games, he is never on time, he constantly leaves during the day, he doesnt care about the customer all he cares about is money. he constantly calls employees "***" and "***".

we have three people there on each shift a lower bay tech for 3 bays an upper bay tech for 3 bays and a CSR. well when its your managers job to CSR and the above is what you get the other two are busting *** to do his work. They dont care about anyone! employees or customers valvoline needs shut down.

OSHA and EPA are coming though i already called. considering the manager wants to call my college instructors and waste their time taking about how much a of *** i am at work and how he cant stand me anymore. and tell them he is transfering me.

well guess what you can try to make me look bad but im a girl and 19 and a better tech then your toothless *** will ever be! I QUIT!

Product or Service Mentioned: Valvoline Instant Oil Change Customer Care.

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that's not the way Valvoline operates sounds like your an immature girl that doesn't know how to handle things the right way instead u run your mouth on the internet run it up your chain and report the problem to corporate they will take care of you promise


It's funny that all of these people *** and complain about the price but keep coming back and then u beg for coupons or discounts because u left it at home. lol for real, because if u can sit on fb while in the bay then u can get off ur lazy *** and search for any of the million discounts online.

Some of you customers are super cool and grateful while others of you seem to think that you should be put on a throne with fans being waved and drinks served to you.

Common sense tells you to drive to the dealer after you make your appt days or weeks away while still having to wait when you get there. Or you could go get get a groupon like you have been told every time that you cry. You could also get ur own oil, filter and bring it with u and a pay us to change ur oil to save money.

Or lastly you could change your own oil yourself but nope "you either used to do it but you don't have the time or you don't have a clue do you? You people must think that because the oil change is expensive that the money is pure profit or goes into the csr at your window. Newsflash we don't get commission. We don't make the prices, and you obviously don't own a business that costs about 10k a month for rent, live in a state that has 11-12 min wage so if everyone were making min wage for the sake of argument in my state then that would be 48-100 a hr before u even pay your employees.

The best you factor in the cost of health insurance, insurance for the shop to protect you and your car, workers comp, supplies, shipments, etc, etc, etc. What you people don't understand is that you may of just paid 49.99 for a syn blend oc after your precious 15 dollar off coupon that you forgot and begged for may of been the only one done that hour. Also maybe some of you should wake up and find out what kind of oil that your car uses when you buy it. Newsflash if you can afford a new Mercedes then you can obviously pay for a syn mst oil change but nope some of you want to put conventional in because you are poor or cheap


Maybe you should of bought a Kia.

Again some customers are awesome and some are lame as fk. Which are you? Maybe next time rather than complain about the price because YOU chose to come to a 15 min oil change facility, you go wait for the dealer or some place that sells garbage oil for half of the price.

Then realize that next time you are in a "rush" and u show up to my shop that you can only blame yourself that your engine is full of sludge from thE cheap oil that you use.

Lastly do you go into wal-Mart and *** and moan about the price of your spoiled kids video games, or every other store that you into or are we the only place that you do this? How do you feel when people raise *** in your job when you don't have anything to do with the price or upper managements decisions? Well you are that annoying customer and should wake up and realize that while your car does require oil it doesn't require that it be instant.

You choose to come to valvoline and you have the option to leave if you do f like the price. Maybe you should try that.


The issue here lies within your manager and the people who promoted him to SCM. Not the company.

If everything is done right, everyone works together as a team, everyone is trained properly, nobody is treated badly, and nobody tries selling things that aren't needed. This is definitely a local issue.


I currently work for Valvoline and see the same stuff happen on a daily basis, minus the drugs, he leaves on company time, only cares about making money, constantly yells at employees for doing their job correctly. Training never happens he just signs off on stuff to make it look as though he is training us.

The only time he actually does his job is when the regional/area manager stops by to see how the store is running.

Not to mention shaming employees for not wishing to change in front of their piers in the open. The only reason I still work there is because I need the money to pay off a loan, after that i will quit and i wont even give him a week notice, I'll walk in flick him off and say I quit.


Just out of curiosity with the drugs and stealing did you ever try reporting it to security we have a confidential employee reporting hotline that you don't even have to be at work to call. I'm sorry you had a bad experience working with the company.

Latham, New York, United States #1261600

Good for you..... They should be ashamed having someone like that managing one of their centers.

And a great job to them as well, managing him in a way where they allow this to go on.


Sounds like a localized issue. I've not experienced any action, descibed in this review of valvoline, in my time working there.I have a hard working manager who keeps us well stocked and staffed.

Rarely does any service that is unnecessary or not on the manufacturer recommended maintenance plan. There are good managers and bad managers, that is true in any field, and therefore the is no reason to single out valvoline as a bad company.


Work there myself now for about a month and I will say that the sales tactics of products that are not needed and even visually clear not needed is not what I consider good service I will also say the communication is a complete circus when you are here doing one thing then on another car that u have no clue where its at unorganized chaos mixed with ocd! But they pride themselves on their training and they set pay scale what ticks me is that the techs have over 200 hours in ASE sponsored training which is hoarse *** ASE offers a short training program for lube technicians which is less than a day! Sorry your boss was a douche I would have reported him and kept the job but strange thing is the company does not do pre-employment drug screens I find that odd for a corporate setting!


I just got fired today from store 611 columbus ohio my scm is a racist fat lazy b#### vioc is a bunch of bs super pro is bs they just rip ppl off as much as possible and call that preventitice maintenance. I was sr tech gearin mrofka was my scm i too have called my lawyer and filed a personal suit against him and the am nick allen


Iam currently a Tech in California. Honestly, managers are not suppose to CSR.

They just manage workers! We do here everything by the book.

SuperPro!! Your store manager is bad, not Valvoline.


Down in Piedmont SC we do it right,every single car gets treated with care we have great employees and management. YA DIG


You're talking about one guy at one store. Why not say his name get him fired, then take his job. See, not so bad after all.


@Fred the POS only keeps track of the inventory that the manager enters in on his count while the employees may show inventory under all he would have to do is push a few buttons damage out a few products and it would show correct. As far as the POS keeps tracks of payouts which is true but those payouts must be manually entered in and may be deleted as long as it within 24 hrs of being put in.

When the end of day report showed short as long as it wasnt a amount greater than his cash till he could manipulate that as well. Now as far as wrong parts on car I've seen cutting air filters to fit using the wrong weight of oil when the right one is out of stock but mostly using different fluids whether it be ATF gear oil or engine oil.


the Valvoline oil and tire I work at treats it's customers rite! Besides the fact that I don't get very many hours rite now, our store is very well run and we are a great place!


Valvoline on murdock in oshkosh wi is 100% honest and willing to go the extra mile for our customers sucks that u did not get that at ur store!


Folks I am only here to help. I am an X-mechanic and I have seen so many cars come from so many places in the last 27 years where a mechanic forgot to tighten the oil drain plug and blew up some ones engine that I decided to do something about it. I designed and had patented an inexpensive oil drain plug called the Smart-O-Plug. It absolutely will prevent this from happening and I can prove it. Visit my web site and you will see that it has been tested by some of the most accredited labs in the US including the folks that test for NASA, and the department of defense. It is not some gimmick, and it does not alter your vehicle. It is just like the plug that comes in your car from the factory only it will not fall out, or leak if it is accidentally left loose. Jiffy lube owners know all about it, the have seen it even at their own trade shows. They just won’t pay for it. For less than two bucks you can put one of these plugs in your car and this will not happen to you again. Shoot just bring one with you the next time you go to get an oil change and ask that they install it, the will do this for free. Some Wal-Marts will actually give you one with an oil change if you ask for it, they have the same problem.

Please visit www.smart-o-plug.com just please look at the site, that’s all I ask, see the testing. People will spend all this money on synthetic oils, and additives, tire nitrogen etc to try and protect their vehicles. All of that is useless when the drain plug is left loose. Think Jiffy Lube is the only one who does this, check out “they left my drain plug loose” on Google, you will see millions of complaints. It happens everywhere, these places know it. Smart-O-Plug will stop it and for a fraction of the cost of one quart of synthetic oil…

Email this guy and he will get you one: clint.christ@team-bg.com


Well he put our store under for almost if not more then 10,000 in inventory.

I don't understand? The weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly physical inventory counts would expose this fraud right away! Was this corporate store not submitting inventory reports?

And the pos records only record the cars you actually scan in... not the ones who are his friends and we service for free

So you said (we service for free) meaning you, the manager, and the other techs? I am not sure why you guys did not tell the district manager on what days and times he services his friends for free? He could have been terminated with just cause? Did you not report the violations and give the DM the times of days free oil changes were being given? I don't understand?


Well he put our store under for almost if not more then 10,000 in inventory. never terminated bc corporate likes to give people a "chance to change", but they didnt give our district manager time to get numbers up when they wouldnt fire the guy bringing them down.

And the pos records only record the cars you actually scan in... not the ones who are his friends and we service for free


Is this a corporate or franchise store? Also, how can he steal money out of the registers. The POS records cash payouts and shortages. Any franchisee or corporate store would terminate for that.

I am confused on how you can put the wrong parts on cars.

Good luck on your new job.


So there!!! I guess you told him, girl.

Good luck in the future.

Stay in school and learn a skill. Then you won't have to work for a slob.

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