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I had my tires rotated at Valvoline Instant Oil change store # 020007 on my Hyundai Santa Fe on 5/01/2010. The front of the car began to shake after I drove to Waldorf, Md on 5/9/2010. I had the car towed to a Peps Boy Auto shop, where the front passenger tire fell off the car and damaged the fender and bumper. Peps Boys found loose lug nuts on all the tires, three of the lug nuts on the front passenger tire had come off and the last two studs snapped off. Pep Boys replaced the studs and mounted the spare tire.

Valvoline now says the wheel falling off is not their fault and will not pay for the repairs to my car.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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How many.miles did you drive until you had your lug nuts retorqued


#1. The name of the place is Instant Oil Change.

If you need your something else done on your vehicle, take it to a full service station. I'm a woman & even I can figure that out. And,#2.

yes I can do my own oil,oil filter, air filter & tire change. Or could -an *** male driver caused a car accident that disabled me so now I can't even change my own air filter.


i work at Valvoline and its pretty *** to see this *** i have a high school diploma and i am in a tech college for diesel and i know alot about cars and Valvoline does care about there customers the only thing they try to get u to buy is services that the manufacturer recommends u have done according to mileage.. just because ur a desk jockey that is to retarted to change ur own oil cause ur a little *** dsnt mean u get the right to *** about paying 35 dollars for an oil change if u have a problem grow a pair and do it urself

Ripped Off By Valvoline

Typical answer from the crooks at Valvoline. "It's not our fault" Every vehicle should be protected by a restraining order from the dolts at Valvoline. They are incompetent and LIARS.


Really let's get that straight *** us grease monkeys are the ones who fix ur car when u can't because ur not smart enough to turn a wrench.I'm not an instant oil change guy but to say grease monkeys don't even have a high-school diploma get over urself most grease monkeys do and a lot of us have college just continue sitting behind your desk *** and let the real men handle the real world without us your car wouldn't go down the road to get u to where your going


Too many problems with Valvoline and jiffy Lube. TRY PENNZOIL lube shop or Mobil 1 lube shops


If you must go to one of those quick-lube outfits, don't do anything other than an oil change. Valvoline is only slightly better than those crooks at Jippy Lube.

They leave Yes, a tire rotation is one of the simplest services there is, but still.... these grease monkeys are mostly high-school dropouts who barely know cars, so why would you trust your car to these buffoons??

And good luck getting them to pay for the damages. It isn't going to happen.

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