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I Work for valvoline and i'd never let them work on my car and i've warned all my friends and relatives about them. Its a job to pay bills for me but i wouldn't trust them.

The valvoline i'm at now keeps a guy workin there who is a known drug user and that includes in the shop while working on your car, tells management that people will buy anything from him even if they dont need it because they "trust" him, told me he was going to charge people for stuff we couldn't do due to plugs not being able to be removed, stolen money out of the cash register, and done illegal state inspections which the state has now banned him which the state has now suspended him from doing. What is goin through your mind when you keep someone like that. I pray every day that i get fired or find another job. I've worked as a mechanic for years and am currently attending college and i just dont understand.

I'm done with this place, i tell my manager as do other employees, we have told area managers.

I guess if you can *** enough money out of peoples pockets you can do whatever you want there. But guess what i'm not showin up to work tomorrow and god help you poor customers who go there for an oilchange.

Product or Service Mentioned: Valvoline Instant Oil Change Oil Change.

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Collierville, Tennessee, United States #600365

Wow sounds similar to my situation in Mississippi...I've worked with at least 6 potheads who never got checked


We Must have worked at the same valvoline!


i dnt know wat valvoline u went to but we scan all cars and the recomended oil type pops up and i have never used any other oil besides 15w 40 all fleet in a diesel truck


Yeah it was definitely due to the wrong oil being used if they didn't use a specially formulated diesal oil. There is an oil out there now made by rotella that is 5w40 and i've seen it used in diesal trucks with no problem but it is specially formulated to run in diesals.

One good thing i can say about my valvoline is it is franchise owned and our owners handle problems in the right way and would never be rude to you about an issue.

We have insurance that covers repairs due to problems that may arise from one of our shops and are not afraid to make the customer happy. My problem with them right now is that they have people that shouldn't even be touching cars working on them.

Ripped Off By Valvoline

Thanks for your honesty.

On July 6th 2011 I had my oil changed at Valvoline Instant Oil Change in St. Peters MO they convinced me that using 5W-40 synthetic oil was in my trucks best interest".

On July 15, 2011 my truck would not start I had it towed to JC Car Care who did a diagnostic/pressure test, the oil pressure was at zero, they changed the oil to 15W-40 diesel oil which is what FORD Motor CO the manufacturer of my vehicle recommends and the vehicle started and has been running fine since..

On July 19th I visited the Valvoline shop and informed Jerry Creach the Manager of the problem and presented him with the bill from JC car care which detailed the repair and specifically states that the vehicle mfg'. does not recommend synthetic oil in these vehicle and that they also only recommend the use of 15W-40 oil?. Any other oil can cause serious problems|. He made a phone call and told me that it was not the oil and there was something wrong with my truck and they were not responsible?.

On July 19th I made a phone call to Valvoline's customer care hotline at 800-327-8242 I spoke with a lady named Terra, she looked up my invoice then looked in a Valvoline cross reference guide which in fact confirmed that the local Valvoline store had used the wrong type/weight oil and the problem was their responsibility and that she would be opening a claim and I would be contacted within 24 hours'.

On July 19th I was contacted by a man named Chris who identified himself as the Area Manager for Valvoline, who became very rude told me the oil could not cause the problem and the problem with my truck was a weak oil pump and that he had independent information that showed that the use of 5W-40 oil could not cause this problem and would work fine in my truck, I then asked him to send me a copy of this information to which he answered he couldn't, it wasn't available or he couldn't access it;. I call BS... I requested he call the mechanic at JC Car Care that worked on my truck, which he did, along with another expert named Lou Craven at a company called DTI who also told Chris at Valvoline that the thin oil was not recommended and that he had seen this cause problems in diesel engines more times than he could count.

In addition on July 18th 2011 I went online and payed $38.00 to speak with an ASE certified Ford diesel mechanic through JUSTANSWER.COM I explained to him the problem and asked if a weak oil pump would cause this problem, his answer "NO it is likely just the oil because your 2006 6.0 calls for 15W-40 and the 5W-40 is just to thin. Your oil pump is just fine." He also supplied me with a page from a Ford tech manual that shows that the recommended oil is 15W40 super duty, I have a copy of this tech manual.

Also on July 18th 2011 I contacted the local Ford dealer Pundmann Ford In Saint Charles MO I spoke with a technician there who said again that the only oil Ford recommends for this vehicle is 15W-40 and light weight oils tend to foam and mess with the fuel injectors causing a lack of pressure which doesn't allow the diesel engine to fire.

It should be noted that Chris the area manager from Valvoline spoke to the same people and claims that they never said these things. I spoke with my mechanic after his call with Chris and we compared notes and caught him in a couple of lies. His name is Jack he can be reached at JC Car care

I also spoke with a man named Mike at Valvoline who is supposedly a technical guy, who also was very rude and basically told me that none of these people I have spoke with have a lab including the Ford dealer so we don't know what we are talking about.

In the face of all the supporting documentation that I supplied Valvoline including a bill for $400.00 from my mechanic for diagnosis and changing out the oil to the correct stuff. Valvoline still denied my claim.

Are these the kind of people you want to give your hard earned money to? I will certainly never spend another nickel with these incompetent liars. Do yourself a favor learn from my misfortune and BOYCOTT VALVOLINE!

to Ripped Off By Valvoline Fort Worth, Texas, United States #696181

Running 5W40 Rotella T6 in your truck will NOT damage anything. It will make the truck run slightly quieter, will be easier to start, especially in the winter, and will last a bit longer.

Diesel truck owners of all brands (Cummins, Duramax, Powerstroke) have switched to the 5W40 Rotella T6 diesel oil with no issues whatsoever. Your truck has some other underlying issue unrelated to the oil that was put in. The HPOP is a problem in the 6.0 Powerstroke engines. All diesel engines that are recommended to run 15W40 can run 5W40 diesel oil or 10W40 diesel oil.

The 5W40 is synthetic and the 10W40 is a synthetic blend, whereas the 15W40 is a conventional dino oil. Don't blame Valvoline for an underlying issue with YOUR truck.

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