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It's a ripoff!!! Your old oil filter will be wiped off to look like it was changed, if you pay for synthetic, then you're a fool...they will DEFINITELY only use conventional oil & you'll never know the difference. Your oil pan will be deliberately damaged! The drain plug will be deliberately over-tightened causing leaks in hopes you will pay them to do the repair/replacement. Most technicians are convicted criminals working on your car. The management is always covering up because their friends get the good stuff & someone has to make up for the cost of it so that's how you'll end up paying for oil that's not synthetic and your oil filter doesn't get changed. Here in Connecticut, every last Valvoline Intstant Oil Change location is crooked...seriously,all of them are! I used to get "hook ups" from Raymond Benson at the Bridgeport location & learned from him that this is how they're able to cover the costs of these cheating you! I no longer associate with that person & tried other Ct locations only to experience what it is they do to everyone else myself. I have personally performed my own oil changes prior to bringing my vehicle to a Valvoline location and marked my oil filter & caught them! I was offered a refund and new oil, filter & air filter changes in exchange for my silence. I accepted but watched like an eagle as the work was done. I soon discovered that the oil plug was over-torqued and now have a damaged oil pan that they refuse to acknowledge as their responsibility!

You don't have to take my word for it, you can risk it yourself but keep in mind that much of what they do can't be easily verified unless you're baby sitting them as the work is performed and that for me is more than enough to avoid these locations like the plague.

I have informed all of my friends & relatives of this fraudulent franchise & was shocked to hear that ALL of them have had unsatisfactory results with Valvoline Instant Oil Change & have also spread the word.

How do they stay in business? I don't know for sure but I suspect that there are enough scams up their sleeves to help keep their lights on. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review about: Valvoline Instant Oil Change Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $267.


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This guy is a liar and obviously someone who wanted free stuff. I work at valvoline and we do none of this. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED VIOC IS A TRUSTWORTHY OIL CHANGE SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

to Anonymous #1056920

I'm not a liar you pos!I watch this forum closely & jumped at the opportunity to put you in your place punk.

I have no reason to make this sh** up! Everything I said is 100% and no paid fool from your crooked organization is going to sway me from defending what I said! It looks like Valvoline Instant Oil Change has been attacking everyone who've they've done wrong to on this forum. Damage control is what that's called!

Too bad, you're too late and I see your business is struggling with dwindling sales here. I saw some poor soul holding up a sign at two locations looking for customers to come in while the Jiffy Lube & Firestone had completely filled lots here in Connecticut. You're all a bunch of liars & let me just add asswipe, I never asked for anything free! All I wanted was to have my damaged car fixed by a QUALIFIED auto tech & not a convicted felon like the ones you employ!

I made in excess of 77k this year and can be completely honest about my review you jackasses make me sick.

Get a life & a new job because you're not going to stay in business long.At least not up here.


I'm a bit offended by what you have written here, but perhaps in the CT area VIOC isn't run the same way it is in the St.Louis - Memphis area.

I'm currently with one in the Memphis area and we would cringe at doing any of the things you've mentioned. We uphold the visions and values set by our corporate offices, at least my store does. We would never knowingly give a customer the wrong oil. There have been instances where a car would be filled with the wrong oil and we would immediately drain it and refill it with the correct oil.

As for not changing the oil filter, valvoline procedure is for the bottom side technician to pass up the new filter to the topside technician for verification. The top side tech initials it and passes it back down for it to be put on the vehicle. All of this is on camera.

I apologize that you've come across some crooked store in CT but do not blame vioc as a whole.And to another post I saw, some stores do have bottom side cameras, my store being one of them.

to Anonymous #1029319

That's why my review specifically mentioned the CONNECTICUT VALVOLINE INSTANT OIL CHANGE LOCATIONS!!!! PAY ATTENTION!

Milesburg, Pennsylvania, United States #856540

VIOC employees are on camera while they work on cars.If there really was a mass scam like this going on someone would have uncovered it by now.

VIOC loses money when it has to pay for extra repairs; it is in their best interest to ensure every oil change is done correctly.VIOC employees actually go through a lot of pain to keep the customers satisfied.


I am an employee of a Valvoline in Tennessee, and regardless of the location, we all follow the same procedures and perform each service with pride and quality.

First of all, we would not "damage your oil pan so you have to pay us to fix it", for the simple reason that we DO NOT do oil pan repairs. in the event that we did accidental damage to an oil pan, we would refer you to a mechanic and we would cover all charges as well as providing to a rental car.

Second, knowingly damaging a vehicle would not fly in corporate Valvolines, there are cameras on all angles of your vehicle and the videos are reviewed bi-weakly.

to killacommie8804 Milford, Connecticut, United States #857075

BS!Nobody's watchin sh**!

The only time anything is checked is when something goes wrong. And even then, things get swept under the rug. This person who originally posted this is on point...I can vouch for that because I used to work for "VIOC" as a young man. And btw dipsh**, there are no cameras in the pit!

The tech is capable of anything under the car where cameras are not located.

This sounds like corporate put you as****** up to cover up.Petty.

to greasemonkey #1024348

There are cameras in every corner of my pit and every camera in the shop is watched heavily!


This statement is truly false.I've been going there for years now and still till this day I get treated with the most of utmost respect.

My car hasn't experienced any problems and Raymond Benson is the only person I let touch my car.

He is so sweet, respectful and kind you must have something against him to state false accusations such as these.Trust me you will leave satisfied

to Serena #843378

You're right, I do have something against him, he's ripped off paying customers without their knowledge and I have been cheated by others like him.

Valvoline needs to know the truth!

Btw, please limit this to actual customers who are pissed and the upper management of those organizations that are accused.Friends, family, neighbors & those who have profited off Valvoline's losses who are covering up for Raymond Benson WILL NOT BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!!!

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