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...THEY DO IT WRIGHT... the first time i went there they put in the wrong type oil, i went back and they said that they knew it was wrong and they would put the wright oil in ...THEY DO IT WRIGHT...

they put the wright oil in, but the wrong amount ...THEY DO IT WRIGHT... 3000 miles later i changed my own oil and found out they crossed threaded the oil drain bolt. i had to put a new one in ...THEY DO IT WRIGHT... the third time went back and told them about it and they put in a new bolt and changed my oil ...THEY DO IT WRIGHT...

i changed my oil 3000 miles later and the new bolt is the wrong size and they over tightened it so much i needed a breaker bar to remove it and they cross threaded the oil filter and they know its screwed up because they write it on the oil filter ...THEY DO IT WRIGHT... just don't let them do it to your car

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

I liked: For them to pay for the damages to my car.

I didn't like: That my dog can do a better job then they can.

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"Wright" as Wilbur and Orville. Drop the "W". Right or Wrong - it's OK for "wrong" not "right" ....


Does this mean you won't be going to them anymore? After the first mess-up we would have thought you would have been done with them.

to h.kitchener #1602959

I didn't want to crawl around in the cold and the dirt


did they ask if would like fries with that?

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